I have an impulse to document what I see. The images I find in the process become little treasures I preserve in order not to forget. They connect me to the outer world, to people and to life. I once read that: “Images are hidden secrets in the language of things devoid of words or voice. An empty secret, such as life.” I like the mundane, absurd and arbitrary things that emphasize error, humor and beauty.

I collect images, my own and from others. My photographs have frozen gestures, choreographed movements in suspension. I am thrilled by the possibility of freezing a moment, and being able to look at it again in another time and place. I am attracted to the power of images, and the feeling of connection that the images produce within our inner self, when something inside you clicks and you have the impression of having understood everything.

I make images in order to remember, but also preventing myself from being forgotten.