Who spies on us?
Photography, Book

This is an espionage story based on real events that takes place in two different timelines. A first trip takes place in which an emergency visa and a change of identity must be made in order to continue as planned. Later, a find in an antique flea market shows another trip that actually happened first but appears later and helps to cook this story. Somehow, both journeys intertwine and dialogue with each other. In both registers there is an air of order and control. We find people being chased, architectures that look like a set, choreographed movements and women in beige trench coats.

But who is spying on them? Who are they working for? And more importantly, what is discovered?

Look closely, don't be fooled by perfect hair that could well be wigs or pastel-colored buildings that could be part of a facade. The real spy may be just around the corner.

124 pages
23x31 cm
Photography, Text and Graphic Design: Justina Leston
Editing: Lorena Fernández and Justina Leston
Cover Design: Magdalena Pardo
2023, Berlin, Germany.

metaninfas ediciones
Print-run: 200
ISBN 978-987-48588-3-2

©Justina Leston